Healthy Snacks

5 on the go healthy snacks for your young athletes

Every person young or old, athletic or not, understands the importance of eating healthy. But when you have teenage athletes it can be hard to both keep them full and healthy. Now there is nothing wrong with pizza bites for snacks every now and again, but when they want four or five snacks a day that can be a bit much. But it is hard to find easy and healthy snacks that will fill them up. Here are a few ideas that are not only good for them but taste good too.


That’s a bit of a given really, but you can never go wrong with apples and bananas, after all “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But keeping a variety of fresh fruit out for your kids can be an easy way for them to eat better. A large portion of the time we all eat snacks because we are bored more than we are hungry, and chips are one of the most convenient things to grab. But an orange sitting out on the counter is much more convenient, healthy, and even the same color as most of those favorite processed foods. These also do not need to be boring snacks. There are always fun ways to spice it up. And apple or even celery with peanut butter is delicious and gets some protein in the mix as well. Or toss some frozen berries in the blender for a refreshing and filling drink. Whether you eat them plain or add some extra flavor, fruit always makes for a delicious and healthy snack.

Trail Mix

Store bought or homemade, does it really matter? Trail mix is a delicious option for when you are craving sweet, or salt, or anything for that matter. The great thing about trail mix is that it is incredibly easy to make at home with all your favorite mix-ins. The options are endless, and everything is replaceable. Don’t like nuts? That’s fine replace it with some Cheerios or pretzels. Or maybe you just prefer walnuts over your regular almonds or peanuts. Or maybe you want to be adventurous and through in some raisons or a couple extra M&Ms. That’s okay, your secret is safe with us. But whatever mix of ingredients you like you can put in a decorative bowl on the kitchen counter or keep in a Ziploc in the car or backpack as your emergency snack for when they just can’t seem to wait the extra 10 minutes for dinner.


Yogurt seems to come in and out of style as a favorite snack. On the downside it is hard to carry around for an exceeding amount of time without it going bad, and todays yogurts in America seem to have far more sugar in it than one might expect. But on the other side, it is delicious, far healthier than many other things that our young athletes eat and can be mixed with so many good things to enhance the flavor. Make some parfait and tell them that they can have some dessert before practice. Yogurt is one of the most underrated snacks for athletes. It is healthy and helps promote digestion and grow healthy bacteria. It provides your child with protein and calcium, which enhance performance.

Proteins Bars

The busy athletes’ best friend. Calorie dense, easily portable, and tastes like chocolate. We truly cannot ask for more. And thanks to a growing market we no longer are stuck with one or two choices. Now we have power bars, cliff bars, Kind bars, Nature Valley bars, Quest bars and so so many more. Despite different dietary needs and different preferences in taste and texture, anybody can enjoy some sort of protein bar. It may not be your top choice but when you are sitting on the tournament field complaining because there is not enough time to go get lunch between your first and second game, that bar hits the spot like no other.


You heard me. Popcorn is one of the healthiest things that we eat, that is before we drown it in butter and smother it in salt. But there are other healthy ways to makes this classic snack tasty and delicious. One that we strongly suggest is parmesan cheese. It adds enough flavor and some protein to your meal. This simple snack can fill you up without making you feel sick and is deceptively healthy for you. Who would have guessed that snacking at the movies is a healthy thing to do? But now you have the perfect excuse. This is an easy and healthy snack that your child can get excited about.

Eating healthy does not have to be hard and gross. People seem to think that eating healthy means eating nothing but peas, Brussel sprouts, and everything else that you argued with your parents about as a child. But that is not true. Want to go the extra mile? Go on Pinterest and come up with some clever ways to turn cauliflower into a baseball if that is what you want to do. But kids will tend to not fight the healthy move if they see you excited about eating the same foods. Plus, it can be healthy and still taste good despite what the television may say about it. Having healthy snacks may seem like a small step towards a healthier lifestyle, but it is more helpful than you would ever guess. We always count the calories in our big meals, but, forget that the snickers bar and hot pocket we had earlier also count.