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Since beginning the program in 2004, API has helped hundreds of athletes improve performance through comprehensive strength and conditioning training. Our team of educated, certified sports performance specialists works with teams to provide high-quality training.

A large reason for the success of our athletes is API's belief in capturing the support of local youth sports organizations and area high school TEAMs by providing structured, comprehensive training programs to not only support the individual athlete but the TEAMs and coaches for which these athletes play.

API provides TEAM sport coaches with certified, experienced and educated Sports Performance Coaches focused on the sport-specific athletic development of each player.

Key components of our team training program include:

 Reduction of sports-related injuries

 Improvement of rapid change-of-direction 

 Improvement of max-velocity sprinting 

 Improvement of absolute strength/power 

  Improvement of mobility/flexibility 

  Recovery and restoration methods 

API offers competitive TEAM training pricing, a low coach-to-athlete ratio and educational support for all coaches, players and parents involved in a TEAM training program. TEAM training programs are conducted at the API training facilities, at off-site locations, as a part of regular TEAM practice or scheduled separately from TEAM practice.

For more information on any of our Sports Performance training programs or to schedule a Private Tour and Information Meeting, contact Sports Performance Director Danny Locklear at 410.923.2100 x5 or


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